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Wisdom teeth removal is an unfortunate reality of adolescence. Let our experienced and caring staff here at Crown Point Implants guide you through the removal process and get you back to living a pain-free life!

Some people are lucky enough that their mouths have adequate space to accommodate the set of extra molars that usually grow in between the ages of 17-21 called wisdom teeth. But for the unlucky majority of us that do not have the extra space for these teeth, extraction is necessary. This is where we at Crown Point Implants can help.

Crowding from wisdom teeth can cause otherwise straight teeth to become crooked and misaligned. This can also cause varying degrees of issues. Crowding can also cause severe pain and discomfort. Furthermore, impacted wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to fracture and cause infections. Worst of all, impacted wisdom teeth can even cause cysts to form that can destroy the jawbone and other teeth. However, there is hope, removal of the wisdom teeth by our experienced staff can stop all of these terrible side-effects associated with wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal is a routine and painless procedure here at Crown Point Implants. The procedure itself is very simple and straight forward. First, the areas around the wisdom teeth are numbed and then the teeth are quickly and painlessly extracted by one of our confident and experienced oral surgeons. The entire process usually takes less than an hour and recovery is usually only a few days. A member of our staff will remain in contact with you during your recovery and provide you with important guidelines for a speedy healing process. Don’t put up with the pain and discomfort caused by crowded wisdom teeth. Contact us for a wisdom teeth consultation and get back to living a pain-free life.

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