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Don’t put up with debilitating toothaches any longer! Contact us at Crown Point Implants to find out if a root canal may be the answer to your toothache woes.

Root canals have a bad reputation, but they are actually one of the most common, effective, and painless procedures practiced in dentistry. Each year, countless teeth are saved by this one simple procedure. We at Crown Point Implants have ourselves saved hundreds of teeth via root canals.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is necessary when the outer layer of the tooth is compromised to the point that the pulp is exposed. Pulp is the soft tissue found at the center of each tooth that houses the nerve. When the pulp is exposed to the outside elements, including bacteria, infection occurs. Once infection is present in the pulp, severe toothaches usually occur, and a root canal becomes necessary to remove the infection and stop the toothaches.

The first step of a root canal is to numb the tooth and surrounding area using a local anesthesia. This guarantees that you will experience no pain or discomfort during your root canal procedure at Crown Point Implants. Remember, your comfort is one of our top priorities. Next, the infected pulp and nerve are removed. The nerve only provides feeling to the tooth, so removing it will not impair any functions of the tooth itself. Finally, a crown or cap is placed over the cavity and the process is complete. In less than an hour, our experienced dentists will have your root canal completed and your toothache alleviated for good. And all with no pain.

If you are experiencing severe toothaches, this may be a sign of infection. Do not delay treatment and contact our friendly and helpful staff immediately. By acting promptly when discomfort occurs, you can save your tooth and the need for any further dental procedures.

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