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Get a straight, beautiful smile that you’re proud to show off with braces from Crown Point Implants.

Most of us aren’t born with perfectly straight, well aligned teeth. Most of us have some teeth that are a little crooked or perhaps a bit out of place. If this is the case with you, braces from Crown Point Implants may be right for you.

Misaligned, crooked teeth are a problem for more than aesthetic reasons. Overlapping teeth can create areas where plaque and bacteria can build up and cause cavities or infections. Severely misaligned teeth can also cause pain and discomfort. However, braces can correct poorly aligned teeth and give you the perfectly straight and healthy smile that you have always dreamed of.

Braces work by exerting a constant force on the teeth in order to gradually move them to a more aesthetically pleasing and biologically advantaged position. Occasional check-ups are required to adjust your braces in order to continue to facilitate appropriate movement of the teeth. The process works very gradually and usually takes place over the course of one to three years, depending on the severity of the misalignment of the teeth. When the process is over and the braces are removed, you will have a straight, radiant smile that you can show off.

Braces have come a long way and are no longer the metal monstrosities that they once were. Here at Crown Point Implants, we have a variety of different material and color combinations that we can use to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with your new braces. We even have braces that are white and nearly undetectable from a distance. So no more need to be self-conscious of your braces.

No matter what age you are, Crown Point Implants is here to serve you and help you get the beautiful smile that you’re looking for. Contact us to schedule a consultation and start smiling.

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